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HD-TVI 1080P 32CH DVR (AR524-32)

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HD-TVI 1080P 32CH DVR (AR524-32)

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● 32 CH HD TVI video input. 1080P recording
● Play back : 16CH simultaneously playback; HDMI 1080P output
● Backup : USB, IE, CMS; support multi-file file cutting when back up 
● Pentaplex: live, record, playback, backup and remote operation.
● DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE Network protocol, IE browse and CMS supported
● Dual stream technology, Multi-user online simultaneously
● Support PTZ preset and auto cruise, up to 128 presets and 8cruises
● Cell phone : iPhone, Android
● Complete SDK Function, easy to integrate with other applications.


Only Available at Store


This is a 32 Channel HD-TVI DVR. It can record up to 32 HD-TVI cameras at either 720p@30fps or 1080p@15fps. You can even mix and match these High Definition Resolution Cameras. This is a great solution for those on a tight budget and want to experience High Definition Security Recording at an affordable price. This is good news for those of you who have have an existing analog CCTV system and want to upgrade to HD. You see, HD-TVI uses standard coax cable, so that means you can leave all of your cable and power in place and just replace your DVR with this HD-TVI DVR, and swap out your cameras. All of the connections are exactly the same, so there is a huge cost-savings due to not having to re-wire your building with Ethernet cable. If this is your first security camera system, HD-TVI is very easy to install and there is no networking involved. The whole system is pretty much plug and play.
This HD-TVI DVR, like all of our other DVRs and NVRs is a standalone recording device, meaning it does not have to be connected to an external computer to work. It comes pre-installed with a Linux Operating System and a simple-to-use GUI Interface. There is no extra software or hardware to install. Just plug it in and turn it on. For the initial setup, you will need to be connected to a monitor and you can use either HDMI or VGA. The initial setup is very easy to configure and we provide tech support for the life of this device in case you need help.
After the initial setup, you will be able to view your cameras from wherever you have Internet including your smart devices, provided that you have connected the DVR to your network. This way you can be anywhere in the world and see what is going on at your home, office, store or wherever you are installing this High Definition Recording System.
Another benefit of HD-TVI is that all audio, video, OSD (On Screen Display) control and control of the PTZ all travels through the same coax cable. The days of installing and fumbling with extra wire is over. Now, from the comfort of your computer or smart device you can control the features of the cameras or manipulate the PTZ with ease.
For our HD-TVI cameras that do not have an internal microphone port, you can hook up one microphone to the audio-in port and enjoy audio recording on Channel 16. For the cameras that do have audio, like our HD-TVI PTZs, you can record to any channel.
This 32CH HD-TVI DVR can detect and record based on motion. All you need to do is change a simple setting to do so. You can have a couple of cameras recording 24/7 and the others recording on motion, if need be. Backing up your recordings is easy. There is an extra USB port where you can save to a flash drive or an external hard drive.

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